75 Novelty Gift Ideas – From Snapchat-Themed Backpacks to Spicy Chicken-Flavored Nail Polishes (TrendHunter.com)

From Snapchat-Themed Backpacks to Spicy Chicken-Flavored Nail Polishes

When it comes to novelty gift ideas, the more bizarre the better. This expansive cluster incorporates both functional and completely useless products — with the latter making for hilarious joke presents that are sure to get a few laughs.

Examples include a selfie-taking broom — which allows consumers to capture candids of themselves while they tidy up their homes. Also featured in this selection of novelty gift ideas are artist-inspired socks that adapt portraits of famous painters to fit on the feet — with names like Like Vincent Van Toe and Feetasso making up the collection.

For pickle fans, there’s pillows and even lip balms that are themed around the fermented vegetables, translating their shape and taste into a whole new medium. A diverse range of obscure apparel and accessories are included as well — from cheese handbags to fruity rain gear.

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