Ben Shapiro Getting Absolutely Roasted For Being A Giant Baby During An Interview Is Just Amazing

Conservative commentator, former editor for Breitbart, and all around putz Ben Shapiro has been praised for a long time by numerous right-wing and bipartisan publications as a “gladiator” for the conservative movement in the USA.

“DEBATE ME, DEBATE ME” Shapiro has long cried out into the night, like a stray cat atop a dirty fence post.

Well, he finally got the debate he was looking for, and bombed so, SO beautifully.

This week in an interview with the BBC, Shapiro lasted for a whopping 16 minutes of very standard questioning before storming out because, well, someone actually asked him questions and his usual method of talking at 100 miles per hour didn’t get him off easy this time. The audacity.

There are a lot of lovable moments from the last minute of this interview, from Ben Shapiro calling Andrew Neil (notable conservative journalist) a leftist snowflake, to actually yelling out on international television, “I’m more popular than you,” and thinking it was a devastating own, to the fact that whole time he just looks as upset as a toddler taking a particularly massive shit. However the entire interview is great, not just the last few minutes, and you can watch it on the BBC’s website here.

Honestly the only thing I loved more than watching Ben Shapiro not last more than 16 minutes in an extremely tame televised interview has been watching people just completely dunk on him online all day.

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