Body-Positive Swimsuit Campaigns – Chromat Celebrates Cellulite Through Empowering Humor (

Chromat Celebrates Cellulite Through Empowering Humor

New York-based company Chromat is extremely liberal with its product — from sizes that range up to 3X to the employment of diverse models, and in 2018, the label launches a bold body-positive swimsuit campaign. The initative is designed to alleviate the sense that there are right body shapes and right body textures. Actually, the marketing materials attempt to liberate cellulite and hairiness from their social stigma.

The empowering campaign is completed with creative ad agency Berlin Cameron. The body-positive swimsuit project aims to reinvent the dynamics at public pools. From the intolerance of food-shaming, ageism, and body policing to the acceptance of scars & stretch marks, body hair, and cellulite, Chromat’s wonderful initative taps into a wide range of diverse models.

Photo Credits: Chromat/Anastasia Garcia

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