Chic Hyper-Realistic Digital Avatars – Bermuda is the Fully Digitized Entity Behind @Bermudaisbae (

Bermuda is the Fully Digitized Entity Behind @Bermudaisbae

Digital avatars are the next generation of social media influencers. Whether it is promoting a healthy lifestyle, modeling chic fashion ensembles or advocating for wellness, these online personalities are definitely entertaining. With approximately 119,000 followers on Instagram is Bermuda — a digital avatar that describes herself as a “Mogul, Robot. Friend.” She is an example of an influencer movement that has been recently catalyzed on social media. Her precursor — Lil Miquela has 1.5 million followers on the popular platform.

These digital avatars are forming open environments, where they interact with the outside world and with each other, despite their ‘physical’ limitations. From Bermuda’s ‘break-up’ with Ronnie Blawko to girl self-care days with Lil Miquela, the online influencers are incredibly lifelike and offer an actionable impact on the world and on their followers.

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