Condom-Inspired High Fashion Lines – Moschino and H&M Take on Condom Fashion for in Latest Collab (

Moschino and H&M Take on Condom Fashion for in Latest Collab

Condom fashion can mean a lot of things. Haute couture house Moschino and contemporary retailer H&M transcribe the concept to Ready-to-Wear pieces. The two brands took the safe sex emblem and recreated it as jewelry and clothing. The approach is daring but not unexpected.

Albeit not the most provocative thing on the runway of late, the Moschino x H&M collab is sure to turn heads. The condom fashion pieces are an attempt for the brands to stay relevant — “still be new, still feel fresh” as Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott put it, in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

Scheduled to launch on November 8th, 2018, the suggestive, safe sex-promoting offerings are accurately described as “humor meets haute couture meets the street.” In addition to its condom fashion pieces, the Moschino tv H&M also boasts youthful, future-forward streetwear.

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