Dana Perino’s “Queso” Is The Most Cursed Thing You’ll See All Day

Okay, I’m not a cook.

And I understand that just because something doesn’t necessarily look appetizing doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. There are some gnarly looking dishes that are really good and vice versa.

However, there is a line.

A line which was established and brazenly crossed this last Super Bowl Sunday when Fox News anchor Dana Perino made “queso” that teeters somewhere between offensive to all those with working vision and straight up blasphemous.

I used quotations when referring to this crock pot of nightmares as “queso” because true, that is what she called it, but in NO way is that actually queso and I refuse to validate it as such. This is, at best, a grotesque slap in the face of Tex-Mex, and at worst, an affront to god.

Just to remind you all of what queso is supposed to look like, here’s a side-by-side comparison.

Courtesy of DinnerThenDessert.com

Do you see the difference?

Do you see how one looks like a Mexican-inspired cheese dip and the other looks like someone dissolved Gritty into a vat of toxic waste?

Isn’t this kind of atrocity the exact thing the United Nations was created to prevent?

Who do I call to report this? Can I make a citizen’s arrest? This is a crime and something needs to be done.

A few people managed to capture exactly how this abomination left everyone feeling, and personally I don’t know if I identify more with sad Michael Jordan or frozen, eternally screaming Han Solo but it’s definitely somewhere between the two.

For a brief moment I thought to myself, “Perino should stick to anchoring,” but then I thought about it for more than 3 seconds and it’s hard to say which is more deplorable – her cooking or the network she works for, so perhaps she should just quit both.

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