Dark Creature Drones – This Drone Prank Involved the Creation of a Flying Dementor (TrendHunter.com)

This Drone Prank Involved the Creation of a Flying Dementor

Knowing that Halloween is just around the corner, 50-year-old Michael Irvine decided to combine a UAV with a few Halloween decor pieces for the creation of a drone prank. As a father to daughters who love the universe that J.K. Rowling created for Harry Potter, Irvine is familiar with the idea of a Dementor.

As such, he strung together a few Halloween decorations and attached them to a drone by fishing line, creating a simple, yet scary recreation of the “non-being” from the magical universe.

The recreated soul-sucking dark creature was flown around Irvine’s neighborhood, effectively scaring people whether or not they are aware of its likeness to a Dementor from the Harry Potter world. Those who look just above the dark silhouette of the creature will see a hovering drone, revealing how the creature is able to float as if by magic.

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