Disappointing: The Fake Activity Invented To Cover Up This Surprise Party Sounded Way More Fun

Today is Kansas City resident Evan Healy’s 27th birthday, and a bunch of his friends showed up to throw him a surprise party. Unfortunately, Evan is currently harboring a terrible secret: The fake activity his friends invented to cover up his surprise party sounded way more fun than the actual party.

Ah, shit. Talk about a real let-down.

When Evan’s friend Andrew invited him to his apartment to spend his birthday watching old horror movies, he thought it sounded like a perfectly pleasant, low-key way to spend his special day. Sadly, when Evan opened the door to Andrew’s apartment, a huge group of his friends and family jumped out and shouted “Surprise!” and Evan was forced to come to terms with the fact that the plan to quietly hang out on the sofa all night was actually just a front his friend had invented to lure him into a whole big birthday party. Now, the prospect of zoning out on the sofa is a thing of the past, and Evan has to spend the rest of the night talking to dozens of people he didn’t necessarily want to see.


Although Evan definitely appreciates all the people who showed up to celebrate his birthday, he’s not really the party type, and now he’s sort of been tricked into socializing with them all evening instead of enjoying the relaxing movie night he was originally promised. He now has to clumsily shuffle around his friend’s apartment making small talk when he could have been sprawled out on the sofa and shooting the shit in front of the TV. Sure, it was nice of his friends to do all this, but Evan’s going to spend this entire party thinking about how much more fun he’d be having if the movie night invented to lure him here had turned out to be real.

Damn. What a bummer. Here’s hoping Evan can get away from his surprise party before the night’s completely over so he still has a chance to celebrate his birthday in a way he actually enjoys.

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