Emoji Car Horns – This April Fool’s Day Ad Introduces ‘Honda Horn Emojis’ (TrendHunter.com)

This April Fool’s Day Ad Introduces ‘Honda Horn Emojis’

For April Fool’s Day this year, Honda claimed that it would be introducing an all-new “driver-to-driver communication system” that has the potential to revolutionize the tired, one-note car horn.

As the ad states, ‘Honda Horn Emojis’ make it possible for drivers to express themselves in a variety of ways with emojis and car horn sounds to mimic happiness, shock, anger and more.

Even though the Horn Emojis will not be heard from vehicles anytime soon, the beginning of the April Fool’s Day ad does manage to sneak in a few real and innovative features that are offered in Honda vehicles, such as CabinTalk and the How Much Farther App. The ad also calls attention to the fact that the 2018 Honda Odyssey is a new vehicle with even more impressive features than the Horn Emojis.

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