Extravagant Crushed Can Keychains – This Piece of Hardware by Raf Simons Retails for $365 USD (TrendHunter.com)

This Piece of Hardware by Raf Simons Retails for $365 USD

This can keychain may not seem like much but the fact that it is released as part of famous designer Raf Simons’ Spring/Summer 2019 collection gives it immense value. So much so that the piece retails for the stunning sum of $365 USD.

The crushed can keychain ties itself to the movement of DIY culture. The extravagant silver-toned accessory is made in Italy out of aluminum. It is approximately 2.5’’ in diameter and 4.5’’ in height. The beauty of Raf Simons’ design lies in the details. The can keychain boasts an engraved base and lanyard clasp fastening. In addition, pull-tab hardware at the top adds a nice little embellishment.

The crushed can keychain is available on SSENSE.

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