Festive Tree-Flavored Chips – Iceland’s Holiday Hand-Cooked Crisps are Made with Real Pine Oil (TrendHunter.com)

Iceland’s Holiday Hand-Cooked Crisps are Made with Real Pine Oil

Over the years, innovative snack food brands and consumers participating in flavor-creating competitions have developed tons of unexpected potato chip flavors with wild ingredient combinations—and UK supermarket chain Iceland is now introducing a unique new kind of holiday hand-cooked crisps just ahead of the Christmas season.

The ‘Iceland Luxury Christmas Tree Flavour Salted Hand Cooked Crisps’ feature potatoes and sunflower oil as the first two ingredients, along with real pine oil and pine salt flavor seasoning. In terms of taste, Iceland’s head chef Neil Nugent describes that “The Christmas Tree Crisps have a slight ready salted flavor with a hint of pine that creates a completely new combination, unlike any other festive flavor.”

Iceland also unveiled a few other new hand-cooked crisp flavors that take inspiration from lobster cocktails and pigs in blankets.

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