Flesh-Like Furniture Collections – Elissa Lacoste Boasts a Series of Grotesque Designs for the Home (TrendHunter.com)

Elissa Lacoste Boasts a Series of Grotesque Designs for the Home

French designer Elissa Lacoste explores the variations of grotesque design through a series of sculptural furniture that is meant to resemble organic formations and human flesh to some degree. The objects vary in terms of silhouettes — from blobby tables to monolithic chairs.

Through the collection, Elissa Lacoste embraces the technique of the classical sculptor. She “decides on a shape by discovering and uncovering as [she] makes it.” There is a high degree of grace and precision that takes for the creative to produce grotesque designs that are attention-captivating in the right way. While Lacoste’s silhouettes are blobby, monolithic and sometimes even creepy, the textured component definitely adds great value to the overall aesthetic of the sculptural furniture and sets it apart from others like it.

Photo Credits: Elissa Lacoste, Antoine Maillier

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