How To Pass An Exam Without Studying (Or Getting Caught)

Studying for exams blows hard — so why do we do it?

Is it from some sense of honor? An ethical commitment to the institution of higher education? The belief that under the ideals of a meritocracy, the cream rises to the top and that hard work pays off? Pretty much nope. For some people, it’s more like they’re afraid of getting caught. Because 2012 Josephson Institute’s Center for Youth Ethics report revealed that more than half of high school students admitted to cheating on a test, while 74 percent reported copying their friends’ homework. And a survey of 70,000 high school students across the United States between 2002 and 2015 found that 58 percent had plagiarized papers, while 95 percent admitted to cheating in some capacity.

And for others, who don’t have such concerns, like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin — who were among 50 other people including 33 wealthy parents, college-prep executives, a college administrator, two ACT/SAT administrators, and nine college coaches chaged in one of the biggest higher ed scandals in the history of the universe — they just go ahead and do it anyway, and then they do it sloppy, and then they DO get caught.

So what about those people who might be interested in passing an exam without studying (aka, cheating) and are ALSO interested in not getting caught? What about this neglected group of people?

That’s where these handy tips come in.

1. Create your own study guide.

You can put on the label of a water bottle, or on your calculator case. Really, the sky’s the limit. Just make sure you put all the answers on there and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

2. Ask questions.

Then take those questions’s answers and put them on your “study guide.” Also, guess what your professors and TAs can help. So ask them questions about the material and the exam, write those answers on your study guide, so that you’re prepared.

3. Skip the review session.

Review sessions offer vital information on exam format, but you don’t need that because you’ve got your “study guide” and your other strategies. So you do you need the review session? Maybe. But you definitely don’t not need it. Right? Is this an English exam?

4. Start early.

If you always start ahead of schedule, you’ll never be cramming the night before an exam. You’ll almost always perform better in doing so! So make sure to prep your cheat sheet far in advance!

5. Organize a group study session.

It can be helpful to study in groups – sometimes. Make sure the other people who will be there will help you cheat. Honor among thieves.

6. Study things not on the study guide (then put them on the study guide)

Study guides aren’t always comprehensive (but your’s is). So you can use your study guide for its intended purpose: to help you pass without actually studying. Be sure to fill in the blanks with related information.

8. Take breaks and stay well-rested.

Taking a break is very important. You want to be rested while you cheat. And, there’s a lot to be said about a good night’s sleep. This is optional, really, depending on how much Adderall you take. Just make sure you drink coffee!

And there you have it! The adult world — with all of its shades of gray, ethical quandaries, spin, cheating and fraud — beckons! Hello, world!


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