Humorous Alien-Inspired Beer Announcements – Bud Light’s Area 51 Label Was Announced on Twitter (

Bud Light’s Area 51 Label Was Announced on Twitter

Although meme culture can be niche, it sometimes has the power to make waves outside of social media, and this becomes evident when considering Bud Light’s Area 51-inspired announcement, which is responding to alien and Area 51 memes that have been dominating the Internet this week.

On Twitter, Bud Light humorously offered free beer to any alien that managed to escape Area 51. This tweet resonated with social media users, prompting the beer brand to tweet an image of a potential limited-edition label, that would get released if it received 1,000 retweets. This clever campaign resulted in over 51,000 retweets, from fans who were eager to see the green, alien-clad label on the market.

Bud Light’s Area 51 campaign speaks to he power of social media, and demonstrates the effectiveness of a brand understanding its demographic.

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