Humorous Fast Food Commercials – KFC Tags Apple in This Incredibly Relevant Video on Twitter (

KFC Tags Apple in This Incredibly Relevant Video on Twitter

With the recent hype of Apple’s new range of tech products, restaurant franchise KFC flaunts a humorous fast food commercial that definitely benefits from the momentum of the leaked news. The publicity stunt is a video on Twitter that boasts minimalist Apple aesthetics with fried chicken charm. Essentially, the ad depicts a sleek iPhone-like box but instead of the expected bitten apple, the packaging features the familiar face of Colonel Sanders.

The fun-poking fast food commercial depicts the opening of the pristine, perfectly rectangular box but instead of an iPhone, the ad reveals a fried chicken drumstick. Without a doubt, this is a highly engaging and interesting form of branding, given the pop culture favoritism toward Apple and the relevance of the leaked news which has proven to be of extreme public interest.

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