Intentionally Embarrassing Board Games – Buzzfeed’s Social Sabotage Makes You Post on Social Media (

Buzzfeed’s Social Sabotage Makes You Post on Social Media

Buzzed’s Social Sabotage is a unique board game that is encouraging players to post embarrassing content on their social media sites.

The simple-to-play game consists of two types of cards: “where and what.” The “where” cards, determine the site that a player will post content to, which could be Facebook groups or an ex’s mailbox. The “what” cards determine the type of content the player will have to send, which can vary from a current photo of one’s bathroom, to a selfie sent without context.

Creating a connection between the online and offline worlds, this game takes a lighthearted approach to the “miscommunications and misadventures of life in the digital age, and allows us all to have a little fun with our carefully crafted social media personas.”

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