Ironic Storytelling QSR Campaign – Popeyes’ New Chicken Sandwich Will Launch at Sweet Dixie Kitchen (

Popular fast-food chain Popeyes is leveraging an interesting viral story to launch its new Chicken Sandwich – the company has decided to debut the sandwich at a trendy brunch restaurant in Long Beach, California, called Sweet Dixie Kitchen.

The campaign features Kim Sanchez, the owner of Sweet Dixie Kitchen, who admits her restaurant was serving Popeyes chicken and presenting it as its own. The ploy was discovered by a savvy customer who posted his discovery online, instantly become a viral story that birthed the hashtag #Popeyesgate.

To capitalize on the viral Internet sensation, Popeyes “decided to acknowledge their admiration” and has partnered with Sweet Dixie Kitchen to prematurely launch its new Chicken Sandwich on August 8th and 9th, three days before the official, nation-wide launch at Popeyes.

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