Matchmaking Mascot Campaigns – Hinge’s Mascot Wants You to Find Love and Delete the Machmaking App (

Hinge, the iconic “dating app designed to be deleted,” has recently unveiled its newest international campaign — the Hinge Mascot. Its inception was inspired by the brand’s desire to have its users off the app and in loving relationships.

The campaign demonstrates this with its fuzzy, marshmallow-like mascot in various dire situations while the users are so engrossed with one another they fail to notice. Some examples of the unfortunate situations Hinge’s Mascot finds itself in include burning in a campfire, being run over by a taxi, having an air conditioner unit fall on top of it, and having it freeze in a store’s refrigerator.

To encapsulate the brand’s desire to help users fall in love, the multimedia campaign features a fitting tagline: ‘Hinge wants you to find love, even if it kills us.’

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