Nostalgic Artist Cereals – FYE’s ‘Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal’ is a Calming Novelty Breakfast (

FYE’s ‘Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal’ is a Calming Novelty Breakfast

Inspired by Bob Ross’ PBS show ‘The Joy of Painting,’ FYE is introducing Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal, a breakfast cereal that’s full of marshmallows and toasted oat pieces. Like other popular breakfast cereals, this one contains colorful marshmallows in meaningful shapes like “happy little trees,” “almighty mountains” and “charming little cabins.” Each of these sweet additions to the cereal references the gentle and calming way that Bob Ross often described the subjects in his paintings.

On the reverse side of the cold breakfast cereal box is a Positivity Paint Palette that can be cut out to provide inspiring, motivational reminders from Bob Ross, especially when it comes to creating one’s own works of art.

In recent months, consumers have been introduced to a range of quirky memorabilia inspired by the artist, including the Bob Ross: Art of Chill board game and even a Bob Ross Chia Pet.

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