Novelty Social Media Scenes – ‘Late Night Snap Hacks’ Makes it Look Like Users are at the Club (

‘Late Night Snap Hacks’ Makes it Look Like Users are at the Club

Social media puts pressure on its (often millennial) users to keep up with their friends’ and followers’ fun-filled lives, and Late Night Snap Hacks offers a method of making a user’s online life look adventurous while letting that same user lie around at home and watch movies.

The website is a simple browser app that plays looped videos of generic late-night scenes. The idea is that, in theory, users can record their computer screens with their phones and then send those videos as Snapchat or Instagram Stories. In reality, the video quality will probably deteriorate too much to be convincing, but Late Night Snap Hacks is more about the novelty than the practicality.

Scenes on the site include a densely packed music festival, a house party and a nightclub (populated by a guy wearing a pink bunny mascot head.)

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