Pickle-Flavored Afternoon Teas – Branston Pickle Created Its Own Tea to Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week (TrendHunter.com)

In recognition of Afternoon Tea Week, Branston Pickle created a pickle-flavored tea that’s said to pair well with cheese sandwiches. The pickle-infused tea boasts fruity and ctirsy notes from orange, lemon and apple and offers something new for adventurous tea drinkers to try.

According to brand spokesperson Bernadine Tay, “Every cheese lover knows that a cheese sandwich with Branston Pickle is an ideal pairing. The Branston Pickle-infused tea marries both cheese and pickle to celebrate one of the nation’s favorite occasions—afternoon tea.”

The palates of adventurous foodies are now being treated to a range of unexpected savory food and beverage products, including everything from mustard-flavored ice cream to steak-topped desserts. At the same time, a variety of pickle-flavored products are capturing the interests of consumers for the tangy flavor profiles.

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