Playful Pension Campaigns – Forsman & Bodenfors Tackles the Question of Mona Lisa’s Smile (

Forsman & Bodenfors Tackles the Question of Mona Lisa’s Smile

Many have been perplexed by the ambitious and mysterious qualities of Mona Lisa’s smile. Theories have been devised that seek a satisfactory explanation and the expression is often brought up in pop cultural contexts. Creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors, for example, creates a humorous advertising campaign that builds on the curiosity of the early 16th-century masterpiece.

The marketing firm produces the entertaining video for Sweden’s pension system AMF. It depicts the artist — Leonardo da Vinci, welcoming “his favorite model […] as she arrives for work.” She seems disinterested until the painter “tells her that he is setting aside extra money for her pension.” This is the reason behind Mona Lisa’s smile. It proves to be an incredibly playful approach to advertising that will surely engage the older demographic.

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