Playfully Experimental Chair Designs – Yuming Hu Focuses on Micro-Movements in This Collection (

Yuming Hu Focuses on Micro-Movements in This Collection

Experimental chair designs can entail a lot of things — from sculpture-like silhouettes that add an inevitable artistic embellishment to the home to innovation-focused materials that are meant to contribute to sustainability and ethics. Yuming Hu, who is a graduate from the Tsinghua University, decides to focus on body language and gesture for her collection of experimental chairs.

The result is absolutely fantastical. For the experimental chair project, the emerging designer “focused on the micro-movements people make after they sit down” which is definitely a peculiar approach to design. The thesis that this collection seeks to support is that traditional body-focused furniture zeroes in on ergonomic designs which only “meets the basic need for the body.” His subtle gesture-informed pieces pave the way to “much more specific [and functional] design.”

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