Prank Eyewear Collections – Warby Parker and Arby’s Created ‘WArby’s’ for April Fool’s Day (

Warby Parker and Arby’s Created ‘WArby’s’ for April Fool’s Day

For April Fool’s Day, prescription eyewear brand Warby Parker and quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant Arby’s teamed up to create ‘WArby’s,’ which is humorously described as a “new partnership sandwiched somewhere between vision and at least eight different kinds of meat.”

Online and at several locations across New York City, the partnering brands offered real products for purchase, such as the “crispy yet corrective” Onion Ring Monocle, sandwich-themed cleaning cloth sets, beef-themed glasses and WArby’s Sliders footwear. Most of these humorously branded items have sold out, while others can still be picked up for a limited time.

Beyond just being a fun stunt, the project actually helps to support various organizations—with Warby Parker donating to VisionSpring, which connects low-income individuals to affordable glasses, and Arby’s donating to No Kid Hungry to fight child hunger.

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