Presidential Tweet Slides – These Bright Sandals Reference Donald Trump’s Twitter Activity (

These Bright Sandals Reference Donald Trump’s Twitter Activity

A brand by the name of President Flip Flops recently launched a trio of sandal designs that reference Donald Trump’s Twitter activity, with each pair of the bright sandals featuring a different Tweet on either strap.

The purpose of this, explains the brand, is to make “A lighthearted poke at the political flip flops the President makes on Twitter.” For the ‘Electoral College Edition,’ President Flip Flops includes two Tweets where the US leader offers opposing opinions on his views of the American electoral system at different times. Meanwhile, the ‘Sources Edition’ features Tweets that highlight his relationship with the media.

Currently, all three sandal designs are sold out online, however the brand has hinted that it will have more releases in the future. When consumers purchase a pair of the sandals, 10% of all sales are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, which works to defend and advance civil liberties — such as reproductive freedom and the right to protest.

Photo Credits: designboom, presidentflipflops

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