Responsive Emoji Billboards – These Emoji Characters Relay Traffic and Weather to Drivers (

These Emoji Characters Relay Traffic and Weather to Drivers

Responsive emoji billboards are appearing throughout select cities in the United States to promote the highly anticipated Emoji Movie. The outdoor digital campaign developed by Lamar advertising features various Emoji characters from the film reacting to surrounding elements, like the traffic and weather. For example, if traffic is moving slowly, drivers will be met with emojis that denote negativity, like the ‘Meh’ expression or the poop emoji. If it’s raining the interactive billboards will rain cats and dogs, creatively informing and entertaining the driver and passengers.

Emojis are more than adorable yellow figures; they’re communicative tools, and more importantly, they’re emblematic of our generation. The creative digital campaign solidifies the importance of text-based communication, while effectively putting a smile on drivers’ faces in a manner that’s unobtrusive and beneficial.

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