Restaurant Chain Makeup Palettes – Olive Garden’s Makeup Palette Pranked Fans on Twitter (

Olive Garden’s Makeup Palette Pranked Fans on Twitter

Olive Garden is adored for its family friendly atmosphere and unlimited breadsticks but now, the famed restaurant chain is teasing fans by humorously posting an unconventional product offering on its Twitter page– an Olive Garden Makeup Palette that’s inspired by the flavors of the eatery.

Menu meets makeup in this unexpected but aesthetically pleasing palette, which features humorous shade names like “Marinara Rouge,” “Fierce Fettuccini,” “Breadstick Bronzer” and “Parmigiana Perfection,” to name a few.

The unique palette would be perfect for those looking for something a little quirkier to add to their vanity, however the chain claims the photo is just a harmless prank. When asked by users about the legitimacy of the palette, the brand responded “nope. but we’re thinking it should be.”

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