Seafood-Paired Soda Campaigns – This PepsiCo Campaign Focuses on 7UP Lemon-Lime & Seafood Pairings (

This PepsiCo Campaign Focuses on 7UP Lemon-Lime & Seafood Pairings

When it comes to seafood pairings, most consumers more than likely first and foremost think of white wines that are light and won’t overpower the delicate flavors of fish. Since 2014, 7UP has been promoting soda and seafood pairings. The brand’s newest summer campaign is centered around 7UP Lemon-Lime and the fact that seafood naturally pairs well with the citrus flavors.

BBDO Vietnam and PepsiCo collaborated to emphasize the point that “Seafood needs 7UP Lemon-Lime” and created a series of videos featuring people getting mysteriously slapped if they ordered anything but 7UP.

While the campaign began as a series of unskippable ads on YouTube, the short, quirky clips were then compiled into a single video and broke national records in terms of views. From there, the viral campaign continued to take on a life of its own thanks to parody content.

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