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Schick’s Feelin’ Myself Island Campaign Parodies Love Island

Inspired by popular reality dating show Love Island, Schick launched a new campaign called Feelin’ Myself Island that pokes fun at tropes to acknowledge the fact that women no longer need someone to make them feel “complete.” The empowering campaign reminds women that they already have the confidence they need within themselves, although they can always tap into more self-love. The campaign starring actress Jackie Cruz spoofs the reality dating show format by flirting with herself instead of a potential match, as she is the only “contestant” situated on Feelin’ Myself Island.

As part of the Feelin’ Myself Island campaign, Schick is offering a solo trip to Feelin’ Myself Island so that one lucky winner can appreciate some quality time with herself.

Schick’s campaign promotes its Hydro Silk, which it says will make you “want to get even closer with yourself.”

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