SheRateDogs is Here to Send Your Awful Exes to the Pound

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’re probably familiar with how exhausting the training process can be. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, treats, no treats, clickers – getting your dog to sit on command and not shit on the floor can be quite a task.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys out there who are in desperate need of some basic behavioral training as well, and dealing with them is way more frustrating – and bewildering – than dealing with your dog Sparky who won’t stop dragging his butt across the carpet.

So, inspired by encounters with boys who very clearly didn’t graduate obedience school, twitter user Michaela Okland created the wonder that is SheRateDogs.

The account parodies the well-known WeRateDogs twitter page, which takes photo submissions of people’s dogs and rates them on a scale of 1-10 (except not really, because they’re always at least a 10 – obviously. All dogs are automatically perfect).

Similarly, SheRateDogs takes photo and screenshot submissions of the cringeworthy, hilarious, and sometimes downright AWFUL things that people’s ex-boyfriends or random guys on the internet have said to them and rates them on a negative scale.

Featuring everything from guys openly hitting on women through Craigslist ads to ex-boyfriends texting 12 paragraph long anger-fueled monologues and spiraling into insanity, it’s equal parts amazing and just fucking terrible – and so, SO worth the follow.

There’s no better excuse to ask for nudes than your own dad dying, am I right fellas???

Imagine having the audacity to hold tip money as ransom like this. Who let this man out in public

Please for the love of god just take the hint


The immediate response to SheRateDogs has been ri-di-cu-lous. Created in December 2018, the account has been active for less than one month and already has almost 96k followers. Hardly surprising since, well, this is fucking hilarious, but it also goes to show how upsettingly relatable this kind of thing is.

Michaela never includes the identity of the men featured, and the women who send in their submissions remain anonymous. So this isn’t about publicly naming and shaming anyone, but it IS in part about making people aware that this isn’t just “a few shitty guys”. The reason SheRateDogs took off so fast is because this happens ALL. THE. TIME.

Dudes, listen. It’s 2019, time to knock this shit off. But until that day comes, we’re gonna keep sending all our screenshots over to Michaela and have a good laugh. Sit, stay, don’t be fucking weird!

If you’re not on twitter, you can check out SheRateDogs on instagram!

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