Sorry To Hear That, Dave: Dave Matthews Has Revealed That That Solar Eclipse A While Back Made Him Blind 

If you’re a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, you may want to sit down before reading this, because here’s some pretty devastating news involving the band’s namesake: Dave Matthews has revealed that that solar eclipse a while back made him blind.

Man, that’s rough. Sorry to hear that, Dave.

Earlier this morning, the Dave Matthews Band frontman broke the sad news to fans through a series of tweets in which he detailed how that big solar eclipse from a bit ago left him permanently without sight:


Damn, that really sucks. Poor guy.

While we’re bummed to hear that Dave is blind now, we’re glad that he at least seems to be in good spirits. Here’s hoping that the whole having-no-vision thing doesn’t hold him back too much and that he’s able to keep rocking out for years to come. Hang in there, Dave!

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