Stylish Transparent Trousers – PrettyLittleThings’ Design is Bold, Crazy and Waterproof (

PrettyLittleThings’ Design is Bold, Crazy and Waterproof

PrettyLittleThing boasts a pair of extravagant transparent trousers that are incredibly tricky to pull off. With a well-calculated outfit that has the right attention to detail, however, the crazy offering has the potential to become an eye-catching and fashion-forward ensemble with an avant-garde flair. Dubbed the ‘Transparent Zip Front Trouser,’ the PrettyLittleThing styles its unconventional pants “with Love Island’s thong bikini bottom for a daring, slightly girlish look.”

The British retailer makes the item accessible to everyone by setting it at the exceptionally reasonable price of $40 USD. In addition, the transparent trousers are made to be waterproof, which definitely adds a sense of functionality to the unconventional design. Daring, stylish and provocative, PrettyLittleThing’s offering is bound to turn some heads and raise some eyebrows.

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