This Is What Happens When Servers Straight Up Know The Specials

Leanna and Ken challenge the Server on his knowledge of The Specials.

From the Decent Humans series, “The Worst Couple.”


The moment when one hears the specials at a restaurant is the exact moment when I stop listening because I immediately freak out about the fact that there’s absolutely no way I’m going to remember any of this.

But this couple. Leanna and Ken? Since they’re the actual worst according to Decent Humans, they’re gonna use this opportunity to test an over-worked, over-stressed server about HIS knowledge of the specials — but surprise, surprise, LEANNA… KEN, guess who actually comes out on top?

So, yeah. Don’t be like these two.

This server spitball session comes to you from Decent Humans.


Created by Decent Humans

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