Tongue-in-Cheek Recruitment Campaigns – Klüg Uses Humour to Entice Young, Emerging Talent (

Klüg Uses Humour to Entice Young, Emerging Talent

The job market of today is not only competitive for individuals but also for companies that have to create playful and enticing recruitment campaigns to draw in the most talented of professionals. Spotlighting its appealing opportunities, digital marketing agency Klüg calls attention to itself with humorous, tongue-in-cheek activation.

The recruitment campaign uses figurative language to connect with “fresh meat out of college.” The promotional materials depict packaged meat with a label that boasts the job requirements — from good communication skills and a decision-making profile to problem-solving tendencies and lots of ideas. In addition, Klüg’s playful recruitment campaign features a hilarious postscript like “May contain traces of glitter and unicorn tears.”

There are two calls for talent — one for a Web Designer and one for a Project and Client Manager.

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