Trapeze-Inspired Atrium Embellishments – Robitaille Curtis Creates a Dynamic and Contemporary Atrium (

Robitaille Curtis Creates a Dynamic and Contemporary Atrium

This contemporary atrium is located in a living abode in Montreal. Canadian studio Robitaille Curtis oversaw the design of the dwelling, which was previously “a narrow, rectangular home that was cramped and outdated.” With modernity and unconventionality in mind, the company intentionally made a playful and dynamic addition to a space that seemed a little bit too empty. To fill a void in the layout of the house, the Robitaille Curtis builds a contemporary atrium that boasts wooden slats and trapeze-style netting.

Not only does this feature allow for “unimpeded views to and from the third floor,” the subtle addition can also double as an exciting and original play area for children or a relaxing space for adults. The net is installed by riggers from the famous Canadian entertainment company — Cirque du Soleil.

Photo Credits: Adrien Williams, Marc Cramer

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