Trash-Scented Perfumes – Etat Libre d’Orange Creates an Unconventional Luxe Fragrance (

Etat Libre d’Orange Creates an Unconventional Luxe Fragrance

There are many interesting perfume scents in the market that have the potential to appeal to a wide audience with different tastes but not many are as controversial as Etat Libre d’Orange’s luxe fragrance. Dubbed ‘I Am Trash: Les Fleurs du Dechet,’ the offering combines notes of strawberry with recycled materials. Without a doubt, the product boldly pushes the boundaries of the industry.

Naturally, the launch of the luxe fragrance is has a message. The idea behind the product and its campaign — which was developed in partnership with Oglivy Paris, is meant to install the idea that “beauty can come from waste.” The luxe fragrance is described as “delicate and refined” which makes for a strong contrast with the product’s unforgivable name. In addition to its ideological ideas, Etat Libre d’Orange’s perfume raises awareness for consumption and subtly reminds that materials can be recycled and reused.

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