Trump, Having A Normal One, Tweeted That The Moon Is Part Of Mars

Since the start of the seemingly unending nightmare that is his presidency, Trump’s been all about s p a c e . One of the first declarations he made after being sworn in was that he was going to create a new military branch, the SPACE FORCE. It’s about time that aliens, those smug bastards, get a good old American asswhooping. He’s SO obsessed with space, that a month ago Trump called for NASA’s budget to be increased by $1.6 billion so they can send humans back to the moon as soon as possible.


I guess the moon and Trump had a falling out though, because today he tweeted this.


As with any Trump tweet, there’s a lot going on here and a lot to unpack, but one thing sticks out in particular. Allow me to draw your attention to that last bit.

Take your time with it.

Donald Trump. The president of these United States. The one captaining this ship. The guy with the launch codes. Just tweeted that the moon… is a part of Mars.

Some people have been quick to jump to Trump’s defense and explain that no, he didn’t actually mean that the moon is part of Mars, he just worded his tweet poorly. Let’s explore that. There are two possibilities here, either he really did just fart that tweet into existence and that wasn’t what he meant, or he genuinely thinks the moon is part of Mars.

Both are equally likely.

If the latter is true, if in his mind Mars and the moon are somehow connected, then that just confirms he has the same understanding of space and grip on reality as Buzz Lightyear. If the former is true, all that does is reconfirm that the man running this country has a broken brain.

EITHER WAY, he should not be in charge of anything or probably even left unsupervised near an electrical outlet, and all of the jokes made at his expense are valid.

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