Unconventional Advertising Strategies – Wakino Ad Company’s Clever Meta-Advertisement is Interactive (TrendHunter.com)

Wakino Ad Company’s Clever Meta-Advertisement is Interactive

Wakino Ad Company has an unconventional advertising technique that is engaging, puzzling and interactive. At an hourly rate of JP¥10,000 or $89.55 USD, the agency is leasing women’s bare armpits as advertising spaces. The project boldly pushes the boundaries of traditional marketing, looking for new mediums that capture attention not only by virtue of the displayed product but through the formatting, as well.

Wakino Ad Company’s unconventional advertising technique is particularly clever since the business is owned by Liberta — “a brand [that] specializes in armpit-beautifying products.” One can make an argument for the potential inspiration behind the odd ad placement.

So far, the unconventional advertising technique has been utilized by a beauty label that hopes to market “its painless underarm hair removal services.”

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