Unconventional Hybrid Clothing – The Unravel Project Boasts Yet Another Deconstructed Denim Design (TrendHunter.com)

The Unravel Project Boasts Yet Another Deconstructed Denim Design

Leading the way of hybrid clothing collections, fashion retailer the Unravel Project features the Layered Denim Dress as an interesting and captivating piece of apparel. The deconstructed design essentially features three distinct garments in one — a long-sleeve button-up white shirt, a tailored denim high-waisted dress and a black waistband that serves as an overlaying detail. In addition, the hybrid clothing boasts fabric cut-outs of the elbow portion and peek-a-boo pockets from the denim waistband.

The Unravel Project’s unconventional design is on sale and currently retails for the stunning sum of 938 pounds, which is roughly 1,217.44 in American dollars. By way of its retail value, the head-turning hybrid clothing piece is elevated to the heights of an ultra-luxurious Frankenstein-style layered denim dress.

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