Unconventionally Inspired Object Exhibits – The Campana Brothers Display Two New Collections in Rome (TrendHunter.com)

The Campana Brothers Display Two New Collections in Rome

The latest work by the Campana brothers boasts an incredibly unconventional aesthetic that will surely engage the audience through shape, texture, and format. Scheduled to debut at the Giustini/Stagetti gallery in Rome, Humberto and Fernando Campana will be making public their Notturno #1 and Notturno #2 collections.

The range of objects includes bacteria-inspired lamps and carpets, a sensory-enhancing chair, a series of metallic ink drawings and more. The Campana brothers specified that Notturno #1 and Notturno #2 are an “investigation into their combined creative processes” which are directly informed by “[the] culture, [the] language and [the] architecture” of Sao Paulo. Striking in their appearance, the unconventionally inspired objects by the Campana brothers feature intricate techniques— from hand-knotted wool and banano silk to overlapping fury textiles.

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