Unsettling Small-Scale Sculptures – Qixuan Lim Presents Limbs and Organs as Food Creations (TrendHunter.com)

Qixuan Lim Presents Limbs and Organs as Food Creations

Qixuan Lim’s small-scale sculptures are truly breathtaking, unsettling and somewhat ominous. The designer is inspired by the aesthetics of human limbs and organs — from tiny hands and small breasts to miniature heads and anatomically correct hearts. The strongly detailed appearances of her work are what captures attention, while the creative presentation of the small-scale sculptures is what holds it.

Qixuan Lim arranges multitudes of her beautiful realistic creations as food. Her work includes a sizable amount of tiny hands and feet in tin cans, squished baby-faced macaroons, and heart-filled pies. Through their subject matter and the thematic crossover, the small-scale sculptures truly reach the grotesque and the avant-garde which is a good justification of their incredibly unsettling presence.

Qixuan Lim’s Instagram account presents her work in an incredibly tidy and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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