Viral Challenge Calzones – The Pied Pod Calzone is a Pizzeria’s Attempt to Cash in on a Sensation (

The Pied Pod Calzone is a Pizzeria’s Attempt to Cash in on a Sensation

Cashing in on an infamous Internet movement, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is selling the Pied Pod calzone. These miniature calzones are a hilarious take on the incredibly dangerous Internet stunts that involve teens eating Tide detergent pods. Made to resemble the laundry detergent pods, the Pied Pod calzone is simply a pepperoni-stuffed calzone with dyed cheese swirls on top. The Pied Pods are being marked by the pizzeria as a safe alternative for teens enamored by the viral phenomenon, and are quick to remind that its Pied Pods are 100% edible.

The viral Tide Pod-eating stunt quickly made new headlines for its incredible danger and all-around ridiculousness. This strange stunt first began with a simple remark that the pods looks appetizing and quickly spiraled out of control. The situation has been parodied, memed and covered by a staggering amount of media outlets, and even led to statements/videos from YouTube, the US Government and football star Rob Gronkowski, all condemning the act. Vinnie’s Pizzeria is not the first restaurant to jump in on this Internet-inspired challenge, as Tide-like donuts have also been made and sold.

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