Want to See What all the Fuss was About? The Shocking Opening to the Upfront Summit?

As you may know we run an annual conference called The Upfront Summit in which we try to bring together the world of investors, entrepreneurs and interesting people from the world of sports, politics, music & film. We do this to showcase what is uniquely LA and to create a more cohesive network in our community.

We have sought ways to make it more open while not turning it into a mega conference so while we have capped it at 1,000 attendees, starting a couple of years ago we opened up the evening event to an additional 400 attendees to network and hang out in the evening.

Next year we’re exploring live-streaming to allow others to share in the live content wherever they are and for free (well, we’ll pick up the costs).

We also like to have a bit of fun. Last year we had a few surprises with “The Bitcoin Billionaires” and Chamillionaire’s magical speech with a surprise guest or two.

This year we opened the event with a bit of fun. It’s a short watch and I think you’ll enjoy it. We did it to support one of our portfolio companies. I will be obvious which one by the end of the video.

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