Was Man Really Meant To Journey To The Heavens? | Our Fascinating Planet Episode 1

Science writer and Award-seeking author Ted Rimmarniet explores fascinating questions about our Universe like: Will man ever conquer space? What is our place in the Universe? And what does the Moon smell like?

Demetri Martin as Ted Rimmarniet

Al Madrigal
Ryan Perez
Kate Berlant
Ron Funches
Matt Walsh
Charlyne Yi
Suzi Barrett

Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Demetri Martin
Head Writer: Matty Smith
Writers: Ian Abramson, Suzi Barrett, Matt Donaher

Executive Producers: Mike Farah, Joe Farrell, Joe Hardesty
Producer: TeNeil Moore French
Co-Producers: Kate Lilly, Elizabeth Baquet

Director of Photography: Jess Dunlap

Editor: Caleb Swyers

Original Post: https://www.funnyordie.com/2018/10/10/17956216/our-fascinating-planet-episode-1-demetri-martin-space-cosmos-parody

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